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I pulled this from a reply in bollweevil1's journal, so some of you have already read this, most likely.

Identification of Cultural Constructs #1

Subject: The Pig

The Pig has power over us because, as a large group, it is accepted across the board that the Pig has this power. We are taught, in varying degrees according to age and subculture, to respect, to obey, to fear the Pig, whether or not those who expose us to this culturization process have ever directly experienced the enforcement of this idea of the Pig's power. Thus laws are obeyed among the majority, even if the laws defy reason, in the sense that by following a law an individual is restricting their access to one of the elements we are hard wired to pursue; food, shelter, social cohesion, status, affection, the benefit of offspring, etc. Debt, for example, makes it difficult for anyone to obtain a home. What would happen if all debt were wiped out? Or that nutritious, wholesome food was available for every person? That one no longer had to worry about their children never escaping the abject poverty they are forced to raise the children in, because education has become free and of high quality everywhere with equal sharing of resources? That suddenly, tomorrow morning, anyone with the desire to do so could easily obtain the resources needed to gain those things we have a psychological drive to have. Conflict occurs over resources, even if that resource is in an emotional form or level of status. The Pig "protects" us from conflict. The Pig enforces such things as debt, taxes, and all the elements that limit an individual's ability to improve their situation, all these things that cause conflict over resources the access to which has been limited and controlled. The Pig makes us dependent on his infrastructure, so that we can not comprehend surviving without it. We become the resource that supports the Pig. The Pig does not protect us with all these controls; the Pig protects only himself.

If the group were to decide today that the Pig no longer had any power, that his infrastructure and his protection were not needed, the Pig would find himself starving to death, slowly. This is the first step, nonparticipation, unplugging from a projected reality that is less solid that the dust motes in a sunbeam.

Unfortunately, then comes the second part. Pigs are scavengers, and wild boars when starving will kill, even a human if insane enough with hunger. Even living in peaceful utopia with each group that has weaned itself off of the infrastructure, the Pig will ultimately attack. There is neither shame nor sin in self defense, or in being prepared to do so. I believe that every person should be armed and trained in the use of various weapons. Never for attack, only defense. Unless they are insane, people only attack each other for the gain of resources, counting superiority over others in a non-egalitarian society and other forms of emotional/cultural credit as a resource.

I am currently promoting an entirely peaceful process of unplugging from the system that, if it were to spread on a grand enough scale to reform the culture of our society into one that can survive without excessive infrastructure, would make violent revolution unneccessary. It would save the environment, pull us out of capital-inspired wars, pull the excess of petty criminals that didn't really do anything wrong out of the jail system, get everyone an education and a satisfying occupation, reconstruct the close communities that used to exist, make tolerance the norm, bring an end to corporate empire... I could go on. In general, take away the societal half truths that limit access to the things we need to live, as individuals and as communities.

However, I am not foolish enough to think such a mass shift in culture can occur quickly, or go unopposed. There are many, many things that will have to be done. I do not propose anything that is currently illegal, (though I do advocate the eradication of certain unreasonable laws) but there is no telling what other insane legislation is going to be passed in the name of the war on terror. Yet another construct, the most artificial I have ever seen, but that will be another ramble to write out. If we stand there unarmed with words of peace as they mow us down, we will have accomplished nothing. We will be dead, our work lost, and the Pig will simply reestablish itself, this time with an even tighter grip, more closely bound rope, to guarantee a repeat does not happen. If we can deprogram ourselves, they can reprogram the survivors.
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