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Cultural Contemplations: Part One

The following is the first part of an essay I am currently working on that will most likely be one of the first items of the Dirt City Tribune as soon as we have a website up. As Rod has requested that we take over the YET meetings as DCT meetings in order to make the paper our main priority, I am going to use this forum, since no one seems to be using it anyways, as a medium for critique, comment, and general ideas. So, get ready for a lot of bullshit from me. My writer's block has been ripped through by intense anger and the desperate search for solution, and when I am not in the midst of a block, my writing is prolific and constant, and unlike in the past, I actually have enough confidence to let people read what I know is crap, in order to improve it. I would ask that everyone with something to write (Bernie, Matt, Corbin, and anyone else) post it here until we have a real home established for it.


America is financially very, very wealthy, owning a significant portion of the world's resources, whether through the government itself or through the American corporations spanning horrific empires across vaporous strata created by cultural decline and the ultimate corruption of free trade, whose one good deed was kicking us out of feudalism centuries ago. After seeing Panther last week, especially the end where the ghettoes are flooded by the mob with help from the FBI with crack, I could see in my head this utter wasteland we are living in, the bars of the fence keeping us in it, the spreading of intellectual plague and the seeming inevitable crash of our culture. Not our civilization, our culture, what's left of it at any rate. The vast majority of us are ignorant, uneducated, uninformed, fed this dribbling slop full of sugar and caffeine and speed and weed that keeps us apathetic and useless and fat and slow. Like cattle.

And all of this has been said before, over and over and over, and people will still wake up from the nightmare briefly to scream and scream and scream these words at their brothers and sisters sleeping oblivious in their corporate branded dreams until they are found and drugged and fed this slop through a tube until even the strongest will breaks and we slip back into the dream.


They've even branded the reality of it, spun it out with special effects and science fiction nonsense and stopped just short of dumping on people the philosophical bucket of ice water that could have made millions of people blink twice, look around and ask, "What am I doing and why am I doing it?" loud enough to spread and infect, to spit out the slop and go in search of something that gives strength rather than the weakness we willingly maintain. Start talking about unplugging from the fantasy spun out to us among people who haven't experienced that certain jolt in their lives that forces the realization that nothing which seems stable is even remotely so, and generally you will just get a roll of the eyes and a, "Yeah, whatever you say, Neo," as they snicker and walk away, having labeled you as a nut that has seen that cursed movie too many times.

Drugs stopped the revolution in the 60's, I am now convinced. Everyone chilled out on too much weed or fried their brains out on acid until they all found one morning they were in their 30's or 40's with kids and horrible jobs and there was no time for anything but that. Drugs are the main impediment now to organization, to overcoming apathy, to realizing just how bad things have gotten. No, we don't have suicide bombers or missiles taking out entire towns like the Middle East, or militants in the hills taking random hostages like Central America, but there is an epidemic of drug addiction that follows and sometimes precedes the growing spread of poverty. The so-called Drug War should be relabeled the War Against Coloreds and Poor Trash, having incarcerated a significant portion of the black population, is now edging into the Hispanic population and generally only bothers jailing whites who are abjectly poor. Then the separation of these groups are encouraged, even outright pushed, through all corporate media, and even through each group’s own cultural mechanisms, preventing any possibility of uniting the groups that are being oppressed by the same source. They are blinded to the presence of a common enemy that could easily be defeated through such an alliance.
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