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Today's News

The Working Poor
This about welfare in New York, but the problems there are beginning to appear in Texas.

Bush Gets the Afghan Economy Going
Parallels between Latin America and the Middle East are growing.

Dodd Proposes Bill to Protect Journalists
Something sensible finally being put forward?

Gonzalez Kept Key Information from Gov. Bush
I was convinced, during the first four years of the Bush administration, that John Ashcroft was the epitome of evil. I was wrong...

Carlyle Group
Former president Bush became an advisor for a company that has made a good portion of its money off of Pentagon contracts and other ventures into the defense industry at the same time that his now-president son W. is increasing defense spending at an alarming rate... Why did we impeach Clinton over a sex scandal and aren't even asking the question of conflict of interest about the current administration?
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