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Events and Announcements

There will be a meeting at Wagner Park on 26th and Flint around 4 or 5, depending on what time the barbecue preceeding it ends.

Our friend and former owner of Barrito Savrosa contacted me today. Rod, he's tried your number, Renee's old number and Amanda's old number and finally tried mine. He's got a project that relates to the upcoming mayoral election and has asked me to find a few people to help him out. He wants to set up a presentation for the city council concerning a few issues, ranging from candidate Tom Martin's own corruption, and proof he has acquired that McDougal flat out lied to him during a council meeting over whether or not McDougal realty was going to build at North Point.

I intend to discuss the election at the meeting. We need information on the candidates, and not just the bits that can be gleaned from reading the Avalanche Journal, I want people actually talking to those candidates willing to engage their constituents and getting a sense of who they are without the gloss of the front page blessings of the establishment. I want another effort at voter registration. I want contact with the various voter advocacy groups that usually make up pamphlets on electoral candidates, and if there aren't any on the mayoral election yet, I want us to make some.

I want a small group to be set up for brainstorming things to do about LISD's sex ed policy this fall, but for the rest of the summer our focus should be on the election.

New project. New direction. And we still need a new name.

See you guys on the 10th.

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