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This is the stuff we discussed last night...

1. Changing the name of YET: some people may or may not be excluded
a. Yet, youth is a state of mind, missional, etc. and not a restricted to age.
b. Why don’t we have more kids here? Bringing the youth is a priorty.
2. Who is our audience: Junior and High
3. Small Projects: what can we do in two weeks?
4. Start a base: should we wait and reconvene. We have a show on Thursday and
a. could bring more youth to this event. Another mixer is key.
5. We need a webpage.
1. Nothing is happening. The past YET did not do enough and was merely about ideas not actions. Small steps are key to this problem.
2. You will not get high schools involved.
a. Administrators try and kids don’t listen. You need to get the youth to make this happen. You must get into their head and work within the problem of authority.
b. Kids are gun ho for activism, so we can gather this kids to our side if we do anything.

What we can do now:

1. Pass out flyers.
2. Reconvene.
3. Find more resources.
4. Sex issues.
5. Free porn? Links on Zangas (this is a live journal).

Changes: What do you hate about Lubbock

1. Republicanism
2. Sex Ed
3. Poor kids – paint ball, doing things for the kids.
4. Jessica – Sex Ed.
5. Sex Ed [this should be amended to the values statement]
6. Sex Ed and trees. There is no middle ground in Lubbock. We should not exclude those that dissent.
7. Dingas – Anti suicide pamphlets. Ripping down Atlantis apartments.
8. Lack of gatherings. The adults need places for kids and adults to meet in a friendly way.
9. Mark –
10. Bike lanes [allies are needed for this and is available]
11. Amy - Liquor laws.
12. Segregation issues. Shunning each other is sickening.
13. Sex Ed.
14. Downtown revival.
15. Amount of Christian churches in town. This influence excludes others and religious awareness is needed.
16. Information of world events. What is wrong with society.
17. Parks need to be more open.
18. Segregation in Lubbock. Intertwined but not whole. We all need to be open minded but realize that our own opinions should not exclude the youth of today.


1. Sex ED
2. Segregation (Open mindedness, persuasive in a non perverted way.)
3. Gatherings.


1. The need for role models to the youth
2. Education needs to be the core of this program.
3. It is okay to know more about sex, politics, your ed does not stop.
4. Show respect and it will be shown back
5. Put out programs names out like planned parenthood
6. Ed is the key, maybe begin tutoring.
7. Figure out what to do – mission statement? Should we reconvene?
8. Focus Damn it!!!
9. The name is bad feng she? The name is not as important as what is behind it.
10. Reconvene and see people as the valuable resource.
11. Name change majority. Talk to Jessica’s friends and get more youth input.
12. Figure when is the next meeting. We need a set plan next time. What to discuss.
13. Kite flying

List of who to do what at next meeting: Tentantively set for Sunday the 12th of June at 3:00.
1. Rabbit will pass out flyers. Everyone will do this too but Rabbit can do more?
2. You have to invest your time realistically. If you get a 100 people and an hour a week.
3. We have live journal and web page (get this info!)
4. Friends coming.
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