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Last Night's Meeting

Last night the meeting went really well. I didn't do anything but make sure everyone who wanted to got a turn to talk. This is very important because I'm not trying to lead Y.E.T. Its been almost a year since this organization started and it started with an extremely simple goal. Young people should become self determining and take over Lubbock. We've spent a year figuring out how not to make that grow. I was a member of the Students for Social Justice last semester and we never got even half the number of the smallest Y.E.T. meeting consistently.
It has to be lead by everyone. That started to happen last night. A teenage girl showed up, so we gave her the floor. She told us that young people aren't going to be told what to do, not even by people they admire, so that what we need to do is listen.
We decided that our main objective IS in fact education, especially Sex Ed. and the lack of it in Lubbock public schools. I didn't even bring education to the table, the whole group made sure it was.
So Y.E.T. is not the follow Rod club, in fact if anything I'm just the Y.E.T. MC who makes sure that everyone who wants one gets a turn to talk.
Kalisa started Y.E.T but her involvement has always been second to her carreer, this is true for me as well the success of Y.E.T. depends on a collective effort. Which is beginning to happen.
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