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Sunday, August 28th, 2005
8:34 pm


Now and for a possibly limited time,....Tamales!

Yes that's right, we've been busy little women in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove to bring you in the Lubbock Area, Semi-Spicy-Pork/and Spicy-Pork Tamales!

And! Not only Spicy Pork! But for the saucy Vegans we have made, you guessed it, DELICIUOS VEGAN Tamales! And Spicy VEGAN Tamales! (All Vegan all the time and.... all night long! Oh yeah!)

Now, and for a possibly limited time only! For only $FIVE$ $DOLLARS$ per DOZEN!



Sorry if you are far away...we may(or MAY NOT) be able to work something out.
Monday, July 18th, 2005
7:14 pm
Wednesday July 20th
Hiretsukan - absolutely raging, dissonant, melodic hardcore from New York
Finger of God
Sleep with ZZZs
$5 donation
7pm @Media Blitz House
2212 27th street
park near carlisle park
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
12:12 pm
Events and Announcements
There will be a meeting at Wagner Park on 26th and Flint around 4 or 5, depending on what time the barbecue preceeding it ends.

Our friend and former owner of Barrito Savrosa contacted me today. Rod, he's tried your number, Renee's old number and Amanda's old number and finally tried mine. He's got a project that relates to the upcoming mayoral election and has asked me to find a few people to help him out. He wants to set up a presentation for the city council concerning a few issues, ranging from candidate Tom Martin's own corruption, and proof he has acquired that McDougal flat out lied to him during a council meeting over whether or not McDougal realty was going to build at North Point.

I intend to discuss the election at the meeting. We need information on the candidates, and not just the bits that can be gleaned from reading the Avalanche Journal, I want people actually talking to those candidates willing to engage their constituents and getting a sense of who they are without the gloss of the front page blessings of the establishment. I want another effort at voter registration. I want contact with the various voter advocacy groups that usually make up pamphlets on electoral candidates, and if there aren't any on the mayoral election yet, I want us to make some.

I want a small group to be set up for brainstorming things to do about LISD's sex ed policy this fall, but for the rest of the summer our focus should be on the election.

New project. New direction. And we still need a new name.

See you guys on the 10th.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
8:56 pm
nothing to do with YET but none the less, rad shit you should come to.

TOMMOROW aka Thursday.

ENDLESS NIGHTMARE - dark crushing punk from pittsburgh
Johnny Handgun - back from the grave and bustin out the horror punk.
The Subjects - last show they will be missed
Dyslexic Skuf - young uns playin straight forward hardcore punk
Spoken Word by the Bollweevil

5 bux tokyo joes 8 o'clock

EARLY SHOW STARTS AT 5 ENDS ROUND 9 noise ordinance is a bitch like that

I OBJECT! - 80s style hardcore punk with female vocals and a political edge
Johnny handgun - back from the grave and bustin out the horror punk.
Magoop 82- 80s style hardcore akin to probably SOA, Adolescents, and the Big Boys to name a few.
One True Hero - ex 6/7 and Tuffy Has Asthma so you should know what to expect.

5 dollars
Media Blitz House - 2212 27th street. park near Carlisle park.
no booze. no drugs.
Friday, May 27th, 2005
6:56 am
This is the stuff we discussed last night...
1. Changing the name of YET: some people may or may not be excluded
a. Yet, youth is a state of mind, missional, etc. and not a restricted to age.
b. Why don’t we have more kids here? Bringing the youth is a priorty.
2. Who is our audience: Junior and High
3. Small Projects: what can we do in two weeks?
4. Start a base: should we wait and reconvene. We have a show on Thursday and
a. could bring more youth to this event. Another mixer is key.
5. We need a webpage.
1. Nothing is happening. The past YET did not do enough and was merely about ideas not actions. Small steps are key to this problem.
2. You will not get high schools involved.
a. Administrators try and kids don’t listen. You need to get the youth to make this happen. You must get into their head and work within the problem of authority.
b. Kids are gun ho for activism, so we can gather this kids to our side if we do anything.

What we can do now:

1. Pass out flyers.
2. Reconvene.
3. Find more resources.
4. Sex issues.
5. Free porn? Links on Zangas (this is a live journal).

Changes: What do you hate about Lubbock

1. Republicanism
2. Sex Ed
3. Poor kids – paint ball, doing things for the kids.
4. Jessica – Sex Ed.
5. Sex Ed [this should be amended to the values statement]
6. Sex Ed and trees. There is no middle ground in Lubbock. We should not exclude those that dissent.
7. Dingas – Anti suicide pamphlets. Ripping down Atlantis apartments.
8. Lack of gatherings. The adults need places for kids and adults to meet in a friendly way.
9. Mark –
10. Bike lanes [allies are needed for this and is available]
11. Amy - Liquor laws.
12. Segregation issues. Shunning each other is sickening.
13. Sex Ed.
14. Downtown revival.
15. Amount of Christian churches in town. This influence excludes others and religious awareness is needed.
16. Information of world events. What is wrong with society.
17. Parks need to be more open.
18. Segregation in Lubbock. Intertwined but not whole. We all need to be open minded but realize that our own opinions should not exclude the youth of today.


1. Sex ED
2. Segregation (Open mindedness, persuasive in a non perverted way.)
3. Gatherings.


1. The need for role models to the youth
2. Education needs to be the core of this program.
3. It is okay to know more about sex, politics, your ed does not stop.
4. Show respect and it will be shown back
5. Put out programs names out like planned parenthood
6. Ed is the key, maybe begin tutoring.
7. Figure out what to do – mission statement? Should we reconvene?
8. Focus Damn it!!!
9. The name is bad feng she? The name is not as important as what is behind it.
10. Reconvene and see people as the valuable resource.
11. Name change majority. Talk to Jessica’s friends and get more youth input.
12. Figure when is the next meeting. We need a set plan next time. What to discuss.
13. Kite flying

List of who to do what at next meeting: Tentantively set for Sunday the 12th of June at 3:00.
1. Rabbit will pass out flyers. Everyone will do this too but Rabbit can do more?
2. You have to invest your time realistically. If you get a 100 people and an hour a week.
3. We have live journal and web page (get this info!)
4. Friends coming.
6:55 am
Last Night's Meeting
Last night the meeting went really well. I didn't do anything but make sure everyone who wanted to got a turn to talk. This is very important because I'm not trying to lead Y.E.T. Its been almost a year since this organization started and it started with an extremely simple goal. Young people should become self determining and take over Lubbock. We've spent a year figuring out how not to make that grow. I was a member of the Students for Social Justice last semester and we never got even half the number of the smallest Y.E.T. meeting consistently.
It has to be lead by everyone. That started to happen last night. A teenage girl showed up, so we gave her the floor. She told us that young people aren't going to be told what to do, not even by people they admire, so that what we need to do is listen.
We decided that our main objective IS in fact education, especially Sex Ed. and the lack of it in Lubbock public schools. I didn't even bring education to the table, the whole group made sure it was.
So Y.E.T. is not the follow Rod club, in fact if anything I'm just the Y.E.T. MC who makes sure that everyone who wants one gets a turn to talk.
Kalisa started Y.E.T but her involvement has always been second to her carreer, this is true for me as well now...so the success of Y.E.T. depends on a collective effort. Which is beginning to happen.
Friday, March 4th, 2005
12:15 pm
So here we are, 2 years after the war in Iraq, Bush is still emperor and I am in School. We had the bright Idea to start a newspaper which I still think is a bright idea, but time and life has delyed this from happening. I'm in school and I have Joined the Students For Social
Justice. What I have learned is that there is a lot of people that want to change thing s but not a lot of people who want to put their asses in gear. So what is the answer? First I think the demands on an activist should be reasonable. I also think a lot of good has come from Y.E.T. including a group I will affectionately refer to as the feminist pizza girls. Y.E.T. is a shitty name. Because old people are very good for resistance. Dirt City is also a shitty name, if you disagree Amanda, post and I will tell you why. So we should get together and figure out what and how we can make change. I'm really busy but we can coordinate. So what does everyone think.
Thursday, January 13th, 2005
7:03 pm
Okay, if its cool with everyone, sunday at three at my house, lets meet. this is for folks who are predominately interested in the newspaper. We are going to focus on the newspaper.
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
3:31 am
Cultural Contemplations: Part One
The following is the first part of an essay I am currently working on that will most likely be one of the first items of the Dirt City Tribune as soon as we have a website up. As Rod has requested that we take over the YET meetings as DCT meetings in order to make the paper our main priority, I am going to use this forum, since no one seems to be using it anyways, as a medium for critique, comment, and general ideas. So, get ready for a lot of bullshit from me. My writer's block has been ripped through by intense anger and the desperate search for solution, and when I am not in the midst of a block, my writing is prolific and constant, and unlike in the past, I actually have enough confidence to let people read what I know is crap, in order to improve it. I would ask that everyone with something to write (Bernie, Matt, Corbin, and anyone else) post it here until we have a real home established for it.


America is financially very, very wealthy, owning a significant portion of the world's resources, whether through the government itself or through the American corporations spanning horrific empires across vaporous strata created by cultural decline and the ultimate corruption of free trade, whose one good deed was kicking us out of feudalism centuries ago. After seeing Panther last week, especially the end where the ghettoes are flooded by the mob with help from the FBI with crack, I could see in my head this utter wasteland we are living in, the bars of the fence keeping us in it, the spreading of intellectual plague and the seeming inevitable crash of our culture. Not our civilization, our culture, what's left of it at any rate. The vast majority of us are ignorant, uneducated, uninformed, fed this dribbling slop full of sugar and caffeine and speed and weed that keeps us apathetic and useless and fat and slow. Like cattle.

And all of this has been said before, over and over and over, and people will still wake up from the nightmare briefly to scream and scream and scream these words at their brothers and sisters sleeping oblivious in their corporate branded dreams until they are found and drugged and fed this slop through a tube until even the strongest will breaks and we slip back into the dream.


They've even branded the reality of it, spun it out with special effects and science fiction nonsense and stopped just short of dumping on people the philosophical bucket of ice water that could have made millions of people blink twice, look around and ask, "What am I doing and why am I doing it?" loud enough to spread and infect, to spit out the slop and go in search of something that gives strength rather than the weakness we willingly maintain. Start talking about unplugging from the fantasy spun out to us among people who haven't experienced that certain jolt in their lives that forces the realization that nothing which seems stable is even remotely so, and generally you will just get a roll of the eyes and a, "Yeah, whatever you say, Neo," as they snicker and walk away, having labeled you as a nut that has seen that cursed movie too many times.

Drugs stopped the revolution in the 60's, I am now convinced. Everyone chilled out on too much weed or fried their brains out on acid until they all found one morning they were in their 30's or 40's with kids and horrible jobs and there was no time for anything but that. Drugs are the main impediment now to organization, to overcoming apathy, to realizing just how bad things have gotten. No, we don't have suicide bombers or missiles taking out entire towns like the Middle East, or militants in the hills taking random hostages like Central America, but there is an epidemic of drug addiction that follows and sometimes precedes the growing spread of poverty. The so-called Drug War should be relabeled the War Against Coloreds and Poor Trash, having incarcerated a significant portion of the black population, is now edging into the Hispanic population and generally only bothers jailing whites who are abjectly poor. Then the separation of these groups are encouraged, even outright pushed, through all corporate media, and even through each group’s own cultural mechanisms, preventing any possibility of uniting the groups that are being oppressed by the same source. They are blinded to the presence of a common enemy that could easily be defeated through such an alliance.

Current Mood: awake
Monday, December 27th, 2004
2:15 pm
The tsunami
Would anyone be interested in raising some donation money to send to one of the aid organizations? I know we are supposed to be about keeping resources in the community, but natural disasters that wipe out thirty thousand people are something I think everyone should pitch in on. If a tornado were to wipe out Lubbock random donations from even more random places would come in. Also, it would be easier to get the idea of YET as a charitable organization into the minds of the rich white folks before we start feeding people on the East Side. So, we can help some people that have been royally fucked by the forces of Nature we are all at the mercy of, and do some major PR for the group.


Saturday, December 18th, 2004
1:01 pm
I have this bad feeling....
I think I might be a feminist.
And, if that isn't bad enough...an activist.
Its too much.
I think I'll explode.
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
9:22 am
8:22 am
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
10:12 am
Today's News
Revision Marches to Social Agenda
Christian conservatives have become bolder after their political gains from the election, and are now pushing harder than ever with new found controls over the content in textbooks that reach a significant portion of the economy. Texas is the second largest customer of textbook companies, and thus is in a unique position for those currently in power here to make sure their dogma is what students across the nation are exposed to. Yet another reason to gain control of school boards.

Chance for Peace
This speech was given by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. Read through it, and compare as you read words from the heart of the Cold War to the words of George W. Bush. Yes, this speech is anti-Soviet propaganda, but it is also pro-peace, stating that no nation, including the United States, has the right to attack any nation without provocation, and also does not have the right to impose its system of government on other nations. Whereas today we are 'ending dictatorships to spread democracy and free the people.' Can you believe our government is more insane now than it was during the Cold War?

Leading Pollsters: "Something's Wrong Here"
"Zogby, whose firm was not among those that provided network TV coverage of the Nov. 2 election, described the possibility of either incompetence or fraud causing the controversial deviation as "impossible." According to Zogby, it would have required "wrong sampling in wrong areas throughout the country," or the purposeful manipulation of data to obtain exit poll results so significantly different from the official totals. He viewed neither as a possibility. When asked what exactly had happened then, Zogby replied, "a problem, but I don't know where it is ... something's wrong here, though.". . . "

China's Energy Needs Soaring
Hmm, trouble brewing.


Hmm. Oh shit. Hope everyone that wants to stay in college is looking for a second or third job.

Conservatives Urge Closer Look at Marriage
""If those initiatives are part of a broader effort to reaffirm lifetime fidelity in marriage, they're worthwhile," he said. "If they're isolated if we don't address cohabitation and casual divorce and deliberate childlessness then I think they're futile and will be brushed aside.""

Born-Again Liberal Christians
Interesting ideas.

Bill to Drug Kids Heads for Senate
One issue I will always adamantly oppose. This is not going to help anyone, it is only going to create a government mandated market for the drug companies.
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
12:58 pm
Today's News
The Working Poor
This about welfare in New York, but the problems there are beginning to appear in Texas.

Bush Gets the Afghan Economy Going
Parallels between Latin America and the Middle East are growing.

Dodd Proposes Bill to Protect Journalists
Something sensible finally being put forward?

Gonzalez Kept Key Information from Gov. Bush
I was convinced, during the first four years of the Bush administration, that John Ashcroft was the epitome of evil. I was wrong...

Carlyle Group
Former president Bush became an advisor for a company that has made a good portion of its money off of Pentagon contracts and other ventures into the defense industry at the same time that his now-president son W. is increasing defense spending at an alarming rate... Why did we impeach Clinton over a sex scandal and aren't even asking the question of conflict of interest about the current administration?
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
10:31 pm
Images of Fallujah

These pictures are very graphic. The ones of children missing limbs are especially hard to look at. Look at them anyway. And email this link to everyone you know, and have them do the same.

This is the fucking war being fought in our name. These are the young men being gunned down. These are the children being mutilated. These are the Americans that joined the military out of a sense of unadulterated patriotism that was betrayed the corruption and greed of elitism and corporate imperialism that has sullied the name of this nation and is quickly oppressing what little remains of it that is good.

The mainstream media lies to us by filtering the information that reaches the average person. Fight the fucking media.

Current Mood: angry
Monday, November 15th, 2004
11:29 pm
Event we need representation at
Tonight on the news it was mentioned that there will be a neighborhood meeting for the Tech Terrace area tomorrow evening, Tuesday, at the Byron Martin Technology center, on Q and 34th next to O.L. Slaton.

Apparently the subject of the meeting is some resident complaints about Tech students and the call for officers specifically trained for "code enforcement."

I was going to attend myself but I have to be at work at 5pm, so if someone would please be at Byron Martin tomorrow at 5:30, with paper and pen to take notes. I want to know what these people are saying, and what, if anything, they will accomplish.
8:34 pm
This Friday, November 9th
J&b Backroom

If you can't make it until later, show up anyway. Call me or Rod or e-mail Amanda at the mailing list address. Bring paper and pen if possible. Bring other people, this is a public meeting.
8:31 pm
I pulled this from a reply in bollweevil1's journal, so some of you have already read this, most likely.

Identification of Cultural Constructs #1
Subject: The PigCollapse )
8:05 pm
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